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Small Strokes

Aesthetic Medicine


Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid



(platelet-rich plasma)

Sculptra (PLLA)

Microneedling with Potenza Radiofrequency or Dp4 Skin Pen


Deoxycholic Acid

Neurotoxin (ie - "Botox") for: 

  • forehead lines - frontalis muscle

  • between eyebrows lines - glabella and procerus muscle

  • brow lift

  • crows feet lines

  • nose lines "bunny lines"

  • gummy smile

  • lip flip

  • smokers lines

  • nasal tip lift

  • masseter muscle for facial slimming, jaw clenching or grinding

  • chin lines/dimples

  • frown smile - depressor anguli oris muscle

  • neck/jaw lines 

  • shoulder slimming - trapezius muscle

  • calf slimming - gastrocnemius muscle

  • sweating - hyperhidrosis for underarms and hands

Dermal Fillers (hyaluronic acid based) for: ​

Both needle and cannula techniques are offered.

  • temporal hollow on forehead

  • periorbital area - tear trough hollow

  • nose - "liquid rhinoplasty"

  • cheeks - medially for "apples" and projection and laterally for support/lift and definition

  • nasolabial fold lines/nasal projection

  • lips

  • chin projection

  • marionette lines

  • jaw - definition along entire jaw and angle of mandible

  • neck lines

  • hands

  • skinbooster treatment to improve skin quality for more plumpness and hydration

Sculptra (PLLA) dermal filler for natural collagen production:

  • offering full face rejuvenation with needle and/or cannula

  • improving smile lines, upper lip lines and crepy skin texture

  • for crepy skin on hands 

  • improve appearance of thin skin over joints

  • buttock augmentation for cellulite or for improved shape

Belkyra/Kybella/Deoxycholic Acid for permanent fat-dissolving:

  • underchin

  • bra rolls

  • banana rolls - thigh rolls

  • arms

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) with/without microneedling:

  • for face and neck rejuvenation increasing natural collagen production 

    • for scarring - acne or surgical​

    • for stretch marks on body

    • for all ages to improve skin tone, texture and colour

    • for aging skin - wrinkles and skin quality

  • for hair restoration and regrowth

  • for knee injection in case of arthritis or traumatic injury repair

  • for vaginal wall restoration 

Microneedling with Mesotherapy

Using the latest and best technology pen on the market - the Dp4 from Clarion Medical Technologies.

  • face and body to treat scarring, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, stretch marks and improve overall texture and colour.


Potenza Radiofrequency Microneedling with or without Mesotherapy

- please visit the separate webpage

For Laser - Fotona Dynamis and Cynosure Picosure Pro, please visit their separate webpages.

Please note: a $50 deposit is required before booking a consultation with Dr. Yashoda Singh. 

Please contact us for more information.


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