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Small Strokes

Family Medicine

Dr. Singh does not charge a fee for "no-shows" or same day cancelled appointments. The office does have a strict 3 no-shows per calendar year and after that you will be informed of the next steps accordingly. Note that a cancellation on the same day as your appointment is also considered a no-show unless the cancellation was due to covid-19 illness or an emergency/unforeseen circumstance.

Dr Singh provides quality community-based healthcare to patients of all ages.


This includes :

  • annual/bi-annual physical examinations

  • prenatal care

  • newborn care and pediatric well child visits including immunization

  • confidential individual and family counseling

  • contraception counselling

  • prescriptions for medications

  • immunizations 

  • referrals to specialists

  • chronic disease management including diabetes mellitus

  • preventative care : pap smears, colorectal screening, and ensuring all other aspects are up to date such as mammograms, bone density tests and vaccinations at all ages

  • please click the PDF icon below to download a list of uninsured services


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