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NightLase® Laser for Snoring / Sleep Apnea

Looking for rapid relief from snoring ?
Frustrated with uncomfortable CPAP machines?
Is your partner complaining about your snoring?
Or are you just tired of waking up tired? 
NightLase® Laser treatments might be a solution for you! 

What is NightLase® and how does it work?


Fotona Dynamis is an Er:YAG wavelength laser that works by tightening the oral mucosa tissues at the back of the throat (the soft palate). It does this effectively by laser-induced heat contraction of collagen fibers.

There are two steps with the procedure:

Step 1: PRECONDITIONING The laser light preheats the tissue.

Step 2: TISSUE STRENGTHENING Laser light strengthens the tissue.


The effects are significant by reducing the effects of sleep apnea and decreasing the amplitude of snoring. It is non-invasive, non-surgical and most importantly gentle without downtime. Patients have additional satisfaction as this treatment requires no devices to be worn during sleep and involves no chemical treatments. Although no anaesthesia is needed, Dr. Yashoda Singh offers patients a numbing throat spray prior to treatment if they want additional comfort.

How many treatments do I need?

A full course of NightLase® consists of three separate treatment sessions over a six week period. 

Associated Benefits of Laser Treatment:

  • Improvement in the quality of sleep

  • Reduction or elimination of snoring

  • Prevents associated sleep apnea issues such as headaches, mouth dryness, hypertension etc.

  • Reduction in Sleep Apnea complications

    • Sleep apnea can lead to strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, enlargement of the heart, and abnormal heart rhythms to name a few complications.

  • When you sleep better, you will be in a better mood when you wake up and have more daytime energy

  • Improved concentration, memory, learning

  • Happier partner! No longer disturbing your partners sleep so both of you can have a more restful night 


How long do results last? 

Final results can last up to a year, however, maintenance treatments are recommended between 6-12 months after the initial course as the oral mucosa tissues will relax over time. Usually just one session is needed for maintenance, not a repeat of the three treatment initial series. 

Optimum results can be obtained with the treatment protocols, however, depending on your budget, Dr. Singh will customize a plan that works best for you.  After initial treatment sessions are done, there will be annual or biannual follow up appointments with Dr. Singh to ensure continued and long-lasting results. 

NightLase® Brochure:

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